Our wines

Our generation started bottling wine in the spring of 2006. Our objective is to appear on the

market with a Kadarka that clearly reflects the qualities of sort and vintage. In other words, as

it also follows from the genetics of sort, we would like to make an elegant wine which is easy

to drink, rich in fruit, spices and bouquet (and not necessarily in body) and has a colour of ruby

typical of Kadarka. The emphasis is put on boquuet and spice (mainly paprika), the additional

value of old stocks appears here in aroma and taste as well. The Kadarka of 2004 is the first fruit

of this philosophy.

The Rosé of 2005 (Kadarka-Blauer-Portugieser), is according to the qualities of vintage and

selection of sort a light, fresh fruity wine, with the taste of strawbwerry and spices.

Merlot was bottled only in better vintages and we have high hopes of Kékfrankos too as after its

turning productive we can start the endowment of Bikavér in 2008.

In 2006 we made siller-wine for the first time, which was given the name: Lángsiller. It's a name

used in the wine-growing region in the last century – it describes the transition between rosé

and red wine. The wide-spreading if siller wines is shown by its various names: siller, fuchsli,

fikszli, „fox red”. Lángsiller reminds of a darker shade of flame at ruslight in the depths of the

cellar – that's why it has got this name.

Our wines:


Szekszárdi Kadarka

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