About us

Neiner Cellar is a small family-run wine-growing in the historical wine region of Szekszárd, with

a vineyard of two hectares, in two excellent fields: on Öcsényi Hill and in Porkoláb Valley. Our

family is traditionally a wine-growing one.

Our family has lived in Szekszárd for centuries – our grandfathers arrived from Bavaria at

the beginning of 18th century – and made wine, always restarting what wars, natural disasters,

dictatorships had destroyed and taken away.

We are three brothers (János, András, István), we farm the vineyard, look after the land and make

wine in the cellar. Practically we work with manufacture methods preserving the traditional

procedures passed during the centuries while we also use the most necessary ones from the

achievements of today. This small land is the result of hard work of generations and it gives

us a lot of work but also pleasure and pride, with two gems of Neiner Cellar: the two Kadarka-

plantations which can be considered as a real „Hungarikum”.


Porkoláb Valley: a field facing south – with mediterranean climate as the sun shines from morning

to night if God smiles – our „younger”, 40-year-old Kadarka can be found here, it is one of the

best fields in Szekszárd, about 170 m above the sea level.

Őcsényi Hill: it faces east. Here the sun goes down above the woods a couple of hours earlier,

that's why wines with more intense acid are born from the nearly 60-year-old traditional vine-

stocks which were planted by our grandfathers in the years after World War II. Our other

plantations can be found here as well and also the farm where we process the grapes.